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Burt Castle

History of Burt Castle

Burt Castle, with its commanding view of Lough Swilly, was built during the mid-1500s as a stronghold to protect the southern portion of Ó Dochartaigh land. It was inhabited alternatively by the Ó Dochartaighs and by the English when the Ó Dochartaigh were allied to them. The holes in the castle are from practice shots fired by a British warship during World War I.

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View of both O'Doherty's Inch Island Castle as well as Burt Castle. The view of Burt begins 54 seconds in.

Other Resources to Check out

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Monument Information

The archaeological site at Burt (Ireland National Monument Service RMP# DG046-015---) consisted of Burt Castle (RMP# DG046-015001), a hilltop enclosure (RMP# DG046-015002-), as well as a large stone house (RMP# DG046-015004-) within a bawn (RMP# DG046-015003-) and two timber houses (RMP# DG046-015005-) outside the bawn. View more at Historic Environment Viewer and County Donegal.

Visit Burt Castle!

  • The castle sits in the middle of a busy farm, privately owned by some friendly folk, so it's easy to miss visiting while taking a trip around the Irish countryside, unless you purpose to go there.



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