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O'Dochartaigh Castles

A Network of Castles, Fortresses, Keeps

The Ó Dochartaigh Clann had a number of castles and fortifications surrounding their land Inishowen. These stone structures were used as residences of Clann leaders, military garrisons, and places of refuge for Clann members during times of attack. Though some structures no longer exist, some are some are ruins, and others have been restored by teams of clann-members, engineers, archaeologists, and volunteers. A few sites are open to public visitors, while several are on private property. Please make sure you ask permission from the landowner to visit any historic sites on private property. Most locals are very hospitable and are concerned for your safety.

In addition to the pages below, we recommend you also visit the online interactive story map: Historic Inishowen: Defending Inishowen.

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