Our History


Explore the Ó Dochartaighs history from the ancient legends, to particulars from annals, the 1608 Ó Dogherty Rebellion, on down to more recent events.


Learn about the Ó Dochartaigh heraldry or arms, the symbolism of the deer, our Clann motto, Ár nDúchas, and the description and origin of our ancient arms.


Origin, meaning, of the surname Ó Dochartaigh, it's earliest use, why there are so many spellings, its pronunciation, the size of the Clann today & its distribution.


Explore the beautiful, rugged terrain of "Ó Doherty Country,"

Inishowen in County Donegal, Ireland. Also see where the Clann originated prior to this.


Origins of Clann Ó Dochartaigh, the formation of related families such as the McDevitt/McDaid, McBride, & McMonagle, as well as a connection to St. Malachy.


What does it mean to be Irish? An overview of Gaelic culture: food, music, dance, clothing, farming, the Gaelic language, the Irish home, and more!

Coming Soon!


There are over twenty castles and fortresses associated with Clann Ó Dochartaigh. Explore photos, videos, histories, archaeology, & visitor information for them.