O'Dochartaigh Y-DNA Project

Using Y-DNA to study your paternal lineage

Welcome, researchers of all Doherty variant surnames. We invite you to become a participant in the Doherty Surname DNA Project. We hope you will find in this project a new link to your respective family. Our continuing goal is to break through brick walls in our research and ultimately discover the origins of our ancestors and relationships with others bearing the surname Doherty or variants.

This DNA Study should help us achieve that goal as we identify others who are related and determine times, places and names for further research. Through this process we hope to prove or disprove lineage theories and the oral histories of our ancestors and support and validate our interpretation of traditional historical data.

We actively urge those of you named Doherty, Dougherty and all variations thereof to participate in this DNA study. McDevitts (any spelling variation) are welcome to join the Doherty Surname group since they may be descendants of David O'Dochartaigh who was once chief of the O'Dochartaigh Clann.

Since 2004 our Clann's governance has endorsed the Doherty Y-DNA Surname Project as a means of assisting Clann members and others with the Doherty (or variant) surname with their family genealogy research.

Collaboration & Links

The O'Dochartaigh Y-DNA Study Committee

Administrators: Bob DohertyEva Doherty Gremmert, Zack Daugherty

​Co-Administrators: Kay SchmidPaul Docherty

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