Our Clann Association

The Association of Ó Dochartaighs 

Over 4 decades ago the Ó Dochartaighs became one of the first Irish families to form a clann association. Today, our Clann organization, revitalized as The Association of Ó Dochartaighs, collaboratively unites a worldwide group of volunteers and individuals who share our common Ó Dochartaigh heritage. The Association's vision is to foster better genealogical and genetic research and to build our sense of community in organizing periodic Clann reunions.


We believe everyone who shares this heritage should be a part of it, thus there are no membership dues. The Association relies on your donations and, as a non-profit organization, it has obtained 501(c)(3) status in the United States so US donors may receive favorable tax treatment for their giving. Ours is an all-volunteer organization—we welcome all inquiries. If you're interested in serving on any of the committees, please contact our secretary, Eva Doherty Gremmert.

Committees joining the Association of Ó Dochartaighs:

  • Reunion – organizing the worldwide reunion held every 5 years in Ireland

  • Doherty Y-DNA study – formally created in 2004 and is ongoing

  • Genealogy – collecting family trees and collaborating with our Y-DNA study

  • Communication – including our websites, Facebook pages and Association mailing list

  • Fundraising – for special heritage projects and scholarship Y-DNA kits

Meet Our Association Leaders

John Vincent Doherty

Malin, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Association President

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John V Doherty, known in Inishowen as "Shan the Saddler" from the family nickname, has been involved with the Ó Dochartaigh Reunion since before its inception in 1985. He has served as Chairman of the Reunion Committee and, now, a Clann Officer. John (aka Sean) operates a very nice large Bed & Breakfast named Culdonagh Manor between Carndonagh and Malin on the Culdaff road. John served nearly two decades in law enforcement with An Garda Síochána. In addition to their own six children, John and his wife show how big their hearts are as they've helped foster 22 children.

Joseph Pascal Doherty

Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Association Vice President

Joe P Doherty, known as "Joe Paul" in Inishowen from his family's nickname, was also one of the original members of the Ó Dochartaigh Reunion in the 1980s and continues to be involved in the Reunion's planning and preparation through today, in additional to his serving as a Clann Officer.

Eva Doherty Gremmert

Carnation, Washington, USA

Association Secretary

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A woman of many talents, Eva is an author, blogger, public speaker, and business development consultant. She and her husband have operated HBG Services, a tax and accounting firm, since 1984. A year later, Eva traveled to Inishowen for the first reunion in 1985 and has been connected to the Ireland ever since. In 2001, Eva began serving as our Reunion Coordinator, a role which she has successfully executed ever since. In addition to her passion for the Clann, Eva founded the Irish Genealogical and Historical Society and is a Silver Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils. ​Eva uses her experiences raising a child with a life threatening syndrome to empower people, educate, and spread joy.


  • You may find details about our Organization at ccfs.sos.wa.gov. Use the Charity/Fundraiser/Trust Search using the name "ASSOCIATION OF ODOCHARTAIGHS".

Recent Timeline of Key Ó Dochartaigh Events

The O'Doherty Heritage website is designed to be your place for all things Ó Dochartaigh. Whether your name or ancestry is from a Doherty, Dougherty, Daugherty, Docherty, Dogherty, if your family used another spelling of our name, or if you're from one of our related Donegal families, such as the McDevitt/McDaid, McBride, McConlogue, or others–we welcome you to the O'Doherty Heritage website!

The vision of the O'Doherty Heritage is "Telling our story, uniting us together." This was the same vision of our ancestors, the Ó Dochartaigh patriarchs, when they established our Clan motto, Ár nDúthchas–which means 'Our Heritage'. Below are the goals of O'Doherty Heritage:


  • Share our heritage with our entire Clan

  • Research, document, & bring our history to life

  • Curate a digital Clan genealogy research library


  • Encourage quality genealogical research

  • Promote clan identity and pride in our heritage

  • Facilitate communication amongst our clanfolk


This site is curated by Will Dougherty III under the direction of the Association of Ó Dochartaighs. ©2020 O'Doherty Heritage. Site Policies. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the site, answer your questions, or see you get involved! Email odohertyheritage@gmail.com.