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Our Donegal Homeland

O'Dochartaighs in Inishowen

The Inishowen Peninsula, the northernmost promontory in Ireland, is the homeland of Clann O'Dochartaigh. The Annals of Ulster for 1339 AD record that, "Domnall Ua Dochartaigh, [was] arch-chief of Ard-Midhair—and it is not this alone, for there was little wanting from his having the lordship of Inis-Eogain [Inishowen] and the lordship of the Cantred of Tir-hEnna [Raphoe]". The Annals record that by the time Conchobur Ua Dochartaigh died in 1413, they had officially claimed title to the "lordship" of Inishowen, which they held until Sir Cahir Ó Dogherty died in 1608.

Maps of Inishowen

Though Ulster, a Gaelic stronghold, was one of the last places in Ireland to be conquered and mapped, there are a number of maps from the 1500s on, which portray Inishowen. In these maps there are references to the O'Dochartaigh clan, drawings of our castles and fortifications, and other interesting details which shed light on the geography and history of our homeland.

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