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An Grianán

History of An Grianán

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Equinox solar alignment at An Grianán by Adam Rory Porter, 2014.

Footage by Peter Homer, 2015.

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Monument Information

An Grianán, traditionally called "Grianán of Aileach" is National Monument No. 140 under ownership of Ireland's  National Monument Service. The archaeological complex at this site includes an ancient cashel restored during the 1870s (RMP# DG047-012001-) enclosed within three earthen walls (RMP# DG047-012005-), also, a burial mound (RMP# DG047-012002-), an ancient road (RMP# DG047-012004-), and a holy well (RMP# DG047-012003-). View more information at Historic Environment Viewer and National Monument Service).

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