Registry of Deeds, Ireland

Ireland's Registry of Deeds at Dublin, Ireland was established in 1708. While you may view the indexes to the records in person at Dublin, these indexes and the corresponding deeds have been microfilmed and digitized by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah and are available to view by creating a free account at There are a host of documents in this collection—deeds, wills, and other documents. Many are memorials (an abstract of the important parts of the deed that was registered or copied down for the records at Dublin). There are two indexes to the deeds: an index of grantors (those who are selling the land or lease) and an index to the lands (by county, by townland). Unfortunately, there is no index of grantees (those who are purchasing the property or lease).

Searching and transcribing this index and extracting names from the memorials is a tedious process which will take some time. Please be patient with this work in progress. Please contact us as volunteers are welcomed.


Registry of Deeds, Ireland (View the whole collection at

Index 1708-1729: Dogherty, Doherty

    • Dogherty, Ferdoragh 18:297 #9093 (1717 Carrowreagh / at Londonderry: mentions Philip Dogherty)

    • Dogherty, Fortescue 18:191 #8819 (1716 of Glenavy in Antrim)

    • Dogherty, Fortescue 23:120 #12870

    • Dogherty, Fortescue 23:537 #14353

    • Dogherty, Fortescue Fras 36:570 #23857

    • Dogherty, Mary 3:176 #810

    • Dogherty, Nichs Giofe? 16:119 #7077

    • Dogherty, Nichs Giofe? 48:147 #30986

    • Doherty, Latham 38:121 #23598

Index 1708-1729: Dougherty

    • Dougherty, Chas 53:509 #36701 (1729 at Drogheda: son Michael, son Paul, son John)

    • Dougherty, James 56:509 #37626

    • Dougherty, Michael 58:11 #38279

    • Dougherty, Michael 58:134 #38857

Index 1708-1729: O'Dogherty

    • O'Dogherty, Ferderogh 18:297 #9093 (1717 Carrowreagh / at Londonderry: mentions Philip Dogherty)


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