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Inch Castle

History of Inch Castle

The ruins of Inch Castle lie on the southern shore of Inch Island. This fortress was positioned on Lough Swilly to protect the southern borders of the Ó Dochartaigh's Inishowen. It was built around1450 for the Ó Dochartaigh chief by his son-in-law Neachtain Ó Donnell. 

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Cinematic footage of Inch Castle by RODPIKER DRONES UK.

Footage of Inch Castle by Donegal Drone Dude

A tour of Inch Castle by  bdougherty19 in June 2013. 

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Monument Information

The ruins of Inch Castle are registered as National Monument Service RMP# DG046-004----. View more at Historic Environment Viewer and County Donegal.

Please don't visit Inch!

  • Why? Inch castle is in a dangerous state of disrepair and is considered a health and safety hazard.

  • Visiting the ruins of the Castle could jeopardize pending restoration work.

  • Accessing these ruins would involve trespassing across private property, which is unadvised.

  • Information about Inch Castle on Trip Advisor.



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