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Annals of Connacht


Portions of the Annals of Connacht pertaining to the Ó Dochartaigh Clann: Texts below are used for research purposes only and are courtesy of CELT (Corpus of Electronic Texts): The online resource for Irish history, literature and politics, a project made possible by the diligent work of the researchers at University College Cork in Ireland. Visit to view and learn more about their work.


1292.8 Andiles O Dochurtaig, chieftain of Ardmire, rested.


1339.5 Aed Remor O Neill led a great army into Tir Conaill, and on this expedition the son of Seoan O Neill and Gofraid O Domnaill were killed by the people of O Dochurtaig.


1342.10 Domnall O Dochurtaig, chieftain of Ardmire, a man of great bounty and valour, charity and humanity, died in his own house this year, and Seoan O Dochurtaig succeeded to his place.


1343.13 Niall O Domnaill was deposed by Aengus O Domnaill, Domnall Dub O Baigill and O Dochurtaig, supported by Aed Remor O Neill and by the Clann Suibne at large. These all made Aengus king. Niall came back into the land; and the Clan Murtagh, having been driven out of Brefne by Ualgarc O Ruairc and Toirrdelbach O Conchobair and Tadc Mag Ragnaill, went into Tirhugh, which was granted to them by Aengus O Domnaill with its grass and cornlands and other wealth. After this Aengus and the Clan Murtagh joined issue with Niall O Domnaill and defeated him in a battle wherein Andiles O Baigill, chieftain of Tir Ainmirech, his son, Eogan son of Art O Domnaill and many others were killed.


1359.3 Cathal Oc O Conchobair inflicted a severe defeat, on the Cenel Conaill at Ballyshannon, where Seoan O Dochurtaig, chieftain of Ardmire, and Eogan Connachtach and Toirrdelbach Mac Suibne were captured and great slaughter was made. Matha Mag Samradain, a possible chieftain of Tullyhaw, was wounded that day and died at home of the wound.


1374.3 Domnall Oc O Dochurtaig died this year


1413.6 Conchobar O Dochurtaig, chieftain of Ardmire and lord of Inishowen, a man full of hospitality and generosity, rested.


1511.4 O Neill, that is Art son of Aed O Neill, led an army into Tir Conaill, burnt Glenfinn and all this side of the Swilly and exacted hostages from O Dochurtaig.


1516.10 O Dochartaig, that is Conchobar Carrach, died.


1524.12 A great war among the Ui Chathain this year, wherein were killed Cu Maige son of Brian Finn O Cathain and the son of Ruaidri of the Route, that is Fer Dorcha. In this war too Gofraid O Cathain killed Aed Carrach the son of O Dochurtaig, who had gone to the help of Sean son of Tomas O Cathain, and a great number of his followers.


1526.16 O Dochurtaig, that is Echmarcach, lord of Inishowen, died at the end of his days this year and a great war broke out among his kinsmen for the lordship of the land. Geralt son of Domnall son of Feidlim O Dochurtaig was [ultimately] proclaimed lord.


1530.2 Caitilin daughter of Murchad Mac Suibne, wife of O Dochartaig, died.


1530.3 Rois daughter of O Cathain, wife of O Dochartaig, died.


1530.13 Rugraide O Dochartaig died; a great loss to his country.


1531.6 O Dochartaig's son, Niall son of Conchobar Carrach, died.


1536.20 Conchobar Carrach son of Feidlim O Dochartaig was treacherously killed by the sons of Aed Gruamda O Dochartaig.


1537.18 O Dochartaig's son, Niall Caech son of Geralt, was killed on a night-attack by Rugraide son of Feidlim O Dochartaig at Ballymagowan in the Termon of Derry.


1540.12 O Dochartaig, that is Geralt son of Domnall, a noble and bountiful man, died after having spent his life until the end in the practice of humanity and hospitality.


1542.2 O Domnaill made an expedition into Lower Connacht. His sons, Calbach and Aed, and O Dochartaig went ahead of the army to Ballymote, seized a prey and returned safely to their father. The nobles of Lower Connacht, and especially Mac Donnchada of Ballymote, came to meet O Domnaill after they had been plundered; and they paid their tributes to O Domnaill then.


1543.11 The son of [the late] O Dochartaig, namely Cathair son of Geralt, was killed by the sons of [the reigning] O Dochartaig. They also killed the son of Aed Gruamda O Dochartaig. O Domnaill led out a great army against O Dochartaig, to punish him for these slayings, and took hostages of him afterwards as security for the fulfilment of whatever terms he might impose. O Dochartaig captured Cathair son of Tuathal. [Balb] O Gallchobair and handed him over to O Domnaill, and O Domnaill himself captured Toirrdelbach son of Feidlim Finn O Gallchobair, and he took them to Lifford Castle; but this time he did not get the place for them.